Captain Weynton

Captain Weynton was born in Jamaica. During his time in command of the Cowlitz, Weynton made two return voyages from London to the Northwest Coast. During his second trip, nearly his entire crew deserted in Honolulu due to inadequate discipline and the excitement of gold found in California. Weynton reacted by imprisoning three of the men who had demanded higher wages, held captive until they could be sent back to England, and replacing them with men from the Sandwich Islands. He made one more return trip between the Fraser River and Honolulu, with a cargo of salmon, before returning for good to England himself. It appears that an incident with a whaling ship on this last voyage to Honolulu brought him bad favour with the HBC and he was discharged with an “unsatisfactory certificate.”


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Miranda Harvey

Wear (birth/death dates unknown) Supercargo with the HBC.

Miranda Harvey