Captain Mott

Captian Mott may have joined HBC in 1842. He sailed from London to Fort Victoria on 4 September 1844 and arrived on 18 February 1845 (the Vancouver’s third voyage). He captained her fourth voyage to Fort Victoria and, after leaving there for Fort Vancouver, was present when the Vancouver was wrecked on the sandbar of the Columbia River (May 1848). Despite having lost cargo that had to be replaced via the Sandwich Islands, Mott was recommended for his admirable conduct by James Douglas and John Work and soon returned to England for his retirement. It is known from records of his earnings that his wife resided at Maple House, High Street, Broadstairs, Kent. Later, in 1871, he was appointed by the Secretary of State for India in Council to superintend the transfer of Lascars (Indian ship personnel) in the United Kingdom.

Judging by Kent records, his grandson may be one James Valentine Mott (b. 1896) who married a Sackett, a family known to have also resided at Maple House, High Street, Broadstairs.


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