George Dixon

According to the Journal, Dixon repaired ships, made salt, and "joined the Mary Dare."

The Cowlitz was a barque that sailed as early as 1842 betwen London and the Pacific frequently crossing the bar of the Columbia River. On 11 June 1850, the Cowlitz grounded on North Sands where she began to "crack and bend down aft." However, she made it Fort Victoria under tow of the SS Beaver.

The Cadboro was a 70-tonne schooner launched in 1846 from Sussex, England and immediately bought by the Hudson's Bay Company. She sailed directly from London to Fort Vancouver. For nearly 20 years, she was one of the most successful trade ships for the HBC, sailing between Nootka Sound and Fort Vancouver. Her life was cut short when she was wrecked near Port Angeles in 1862.


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