Battineau, Bazil

Battineau/Bottineau was born in Red River in 1819 and joined the HBC in 1839. He served at Fort Simpson (1839-40) and Fort McLoughlin (1840-41) as a middleman before being transferred to the steamer Beaver in 1841 where he served as a woodcutter for three years. He then served at Fort Stikine (1844-49) and Fort Rupert (1849-51) before finishing his career with the Company at Fort Victoria in 1852. Amid the unrest at Fort Rupert in 1850 Helmcken appointed Battineau/Bottineau a constable where he gained experience which served him well three years later when he joined the Victoria Voltigeurs and served the para-military police force as a sergeant for several years. In addition to his leadership skills he developed as a reliable long distance paddler transporting passengers and mail between Fort Rupert and Fort Victoria.


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