Henry Augustus Clavering

Records from the Royal Navy provide information on a Henry Augustus Clavering who became a Lieutenant on 1 May 1847 and, later, a Commander on 3 June 1865. From 1825 to 1865 he served on the East Coast of North America, but there is no indication as to where he served during the period of 1846 to 1850, begging the question whether this is the same Clavering as the one mentioned in the Fort Victoria Journal.

An online genealogical survey of “The Peerage of Britain as well as the Royal Families of Europe” mentions the same Sir Henry Augustus Clavering, 10th Bt. as having been educated at Royal Navy College in England. He attained the rank of 10th Baronet Clavering, of Axwell, co. Durham [E. 1661] in 1862, and retired from the military in 1880 as a Captain.


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Miranda Harvey